diyCAM Logo
Carved in Cherry and MDF
Various Carvings
Cascadia Games Logo
Carved in Birch with 1/16" ballnose
Aluminum Carving
1"x1" carving in aluminum, 1/16" ballnose on left, 90deg V-Groove on right
Waterdrops carved in Cherry with 1/8" bit
Chameleon Lithopane
Backlit, carved in 1/4" Corian with 90 deg V-Groove bit
Chameleon Lithopane
Shown without backlighting
Lighthouse lithopane
Backlit beside the unlit carving
Oval Frame
5"x3.5" detailed picture frame, carved with 1/16" ballnose bit

Welcome to diyCAM.

After building my own CNC Router and starting to get into the necessary software, I was disappointed by the relatively small selection of inexpensive but still capable options available. diyCAM is my attempt to correct that, starting with diyCAM: Carve, which makes it quick and easy to generate GCode to create carvings on your CNC Router from a heightmap.

-Matt Mitman, creator of diyCAM