diyCAM: Carve – Use code SUMMER for 50% off!
  • cncCarver_wip34Quickly and easily generates GCode from images for 3D Carvings and Lithopanes
  • NEW! Create Halftone style carvings from photographs
  • NEW! Calculate Profile Path from Alpha Channel of an image to cutout your carving
  • 3D carving simulation/preview with both result and path visualization
  • Hog Pass to remove the bulk of the material followed by the detailed Carve pass for faster carvings
  • Bit and Material managers

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New in v1.2

  • Added a Halftone carving generator at the request of a user

New in v1.1

  • Now you can generate a profile path from the alpha channel of the image, allowing you to quickly and easily cutout your work after its carved without dealing with the headache of creating and aligning a vector path from a different app!
  • Added option to ignore Transparent areas of the image, which can drastically reduce run time when you don’t need to carve the whole area, such as when cutting out the carving afterwards
  • Added option to save GCode all to one file if the bits used for each stage are the same type and diameter.
“overall a very good program – especially for the price”
“I love how easy it is.”
“Looks like a great piece of software.”

diyCAM: Carve is the first in a planned suite of easy to use and inexpensively priced CAM programs targeting DIY CNC Router users.  Carve allows you to quickly convert a heightmap to G-Code for 3D Carvings and Lithopanes.

When I built my CNC router, I found it somewhat annoying that nearly all the CAM software available cost hundreds of dollars. With diyCAM, my goal is to create a series of CAM programs that will allow anyone to easily and affordably generate G-Code to drive their CNC router.

Have questions or thought of a new feature you’d like to see added to Carve? Or even a whole new app? Click the Contact link up at the top there, and drop me a line. I’m always willing to consider new ideas.

System Requirements:

Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8

2GB+ ram preferred. Will work with less, just may limit larger carving sizes

DirectX 9 capable GPU.  Nearly any gpu made in years; just give the trial a go if you aren’t sure if yours is, chances are it’ll run

Note: Trial is full featured, with the sole limit that it will only save the first 1000 lines of G-Code


I’m not a lawyer, so the EULA is pretty straightforward: Use it yourself as you need, but please don’t share it with others. Want it on your shop computer, laptop, desktop in your house, etc? All fine. A friend wants a copy? Please ask them to buy their own.

The trial version is full function, but will only output a maximum of 1000 lines of GCode. Purchasing a license from removes that limit unlocking complete use of the program. The license file *does not* require an internet connection to authenticate. If an internet connection is available though, the program will check for updates when it starts.

Also, you use this program at your own risk (i.e., I’m not liable if your machine eats itself). While I’ve made an effort to ensure the program runs properly, there’s still the possibility of putting in wrong values or some other cause of things going wrong on the machine. So, check the pathing, make sure you don’t put in a 1” carve depth on a ¼” thick piece of wood, etc.